Here Are Some Of Lily’s Personal Branding Transformations

Lily Patrascu has worked with global entrepreneurs to help them elevate their image and become authors, so they can get booked to speak worldwide, attract more opportunities and close more business. Here are some before and after images of entrepreneurs Lily has worked with. Some authors had not posted anything on social media in years, and whatever they did post was not representative of the way they looked or was not fully enhancing their beauty. Lily worked on selecting the right colours and the right image so the authors would make the most of their image and their existing resources.

Housewife Teuta Avdyli Reinvented Herself
From Accident Survivor To Global Positive Parenting Coach

Teuta Avdyli

Master Energy Healer Fotiny Gudela Transformed Her Image And Attracted More Clients From Lily’s Network

Fotiny Gudela

Heart Attack Survivor Adaobi Onyekweli Turned Her Life Around
& Got Invited To Motivate Crowds Worldwide

Adaobi Onyekweli

Factory Worker Carmen Rosa Castro Quiroga Empowered Herself And
Was Offered A Director Position At Latin Women UK in Her Local Area

Carmen Rosa Castro Quiroga

Nurse Fatima Delacruz Transformed Her Image To Glow From Inside Out

Fatima Delacruz

IT Engineer Christian Moser Is Currently Turning His Organisation System Into A Business With Multiple Ways Of Impacting The World – A Book, An App, A Software As a Service, A Community, An Online Course, A Workshop

Christian Moser

Productivity Coach Dee Lana

Dee Lana

Empowerment, Public Speaking And Leadership Coach Harry Sardinas
Kickstarted His Speaking Career After Publishing His Book

Harry Sardinas

Inspirational Motivational Speaker Jimmy Asuni Delivered Keynote Speeches
At Various Banks About Living With Disabilities

Jimmy Asuni

Mohamed Jama Showcased His Elegance He Normally Didn’t Display On Social Media

Mohamed Jama

Monika Gergolova

Nick Ronald Raised His Profile
From Copywriter To Social Media Influencer

Nick Ronald

Nicky Oke

Olu Fasogbon

Rajan Bose

Property Developer Sandro Heitor Is Making A Difference With His Book,
A Brand New Spiritual Gym Wear Brand & Innovative Spiritual Houses,
Speaking Confidently Internationally

Sandro Heitor

Blockchain Expert Sunny Ahonsi Is Transforming Even More Lives
With Cryptocurrency & Financial Education

Sunny Ahonsi

Tom Thompson

Property Investor Victor Pabon Got Invited To Speak Internationally

Victor Pabon

Valeria Lawrence

Nidaa Sabbagh

Luz Duque

Hock Chong

Bruno Cleps

Sarwan Sumon

Moctar Adeleke

April Lui

Alberto Pupo

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