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Property Developer Sandro Heitor Is Making A Difference With His Book,
A Brand New Spiritual Gym Wear Brand & Innovative Spiritual Houses,
Speaking Confidently Internationally
  • His Book Was Promoted To Over 1 Million People At Our Online Events
  • Leveraged The Book To Raise His Profile
  • Organised Property Workshops
  • Spoke At 10 Events+ In 2 Countries
  • Invited To Speak In 6 Countries
  • Inspired Hundreds Of People In Person
  • Received Awards
  • Met More Than 20 Influencers
  • Spoke At Same Event As Influencers & High - Profile Entrepreneurs
  • Featured In Online Articles
  • Created A Clear & Consistent Personal Brand
  • Revamped His Image To A Luxury Look
  • Improved His Social Media Presence
  • Clarified His Signature Expert Message
  • Overcame Fear Of Speaking
  • Connected With The Hearts & Minds Of People
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Property Investor, Property Developer Property Maintenance, Spiritual Entrepreneur
Sandro was a property developer and investor ready to write and publish his book but he had no idea how to do it. He was already making a difference building quality properties but he was looking for a way to make a bigger difference with his business and to share his journey to becoming successful so that other entrepreneurs would find a better way to achieve wealth without losing themselves in the process.

He trusted his gut feeling and started the Brand For Speakers and Speakers Are Leaders Programme which lead to having his book published, feeling empowered to speak online daily the day after our course after a 3 year break in social media activity, international speaking opportunities in Singapore at Entrepreneurs Are Leaders event, getting booked to speak in Mexico at an entrepreneurship conference in Mexicali and at the largest business university with 65 branches called UNEA in Tijuana, speaking at Entrepreneurs Are Leaders event in London, at the same event as celebrities like Marie Diamond - Feng Shui expert featured in the movie "The Secret" viewed by 500 million people, marketing multimillionaire Armand Morin and youtube influencer 'Millionaire Monk' Eric Ho - who has over 610k followers in youtube. The book inspired him to create a new spiritual gym wear brand. He was offered 7 properties to manage whilst speaking in Singapore; he started selling tickets to his new property workshop, he raised his profile on social media, he was featured in the media and he gained new followers on social media easily.

He is currently working with one of the top designers in the world to bring his new spiritual gym wear brand to life, which he believes will become a billion - pound business. He is currently looking to build spiritual houses (homes that understand how you feel) as well to make a difference to the lives of millions of people. His book was featured in selected bookstores in Ireland.

My name is Sandro Heitor, co - founder and one of the directors of Trio. We are a property development, maintenance and contracting business with a difference. In 2019, it was time for not only my company to get into the public eye but myself, I felt it was time for me to share with the world my talent and vision. For this I knew I need a strong marketing and brand awareness entity to put me in the "light" so I found Lily Patrascu, founder of Brand for Speakers and after the first consultation with Lily, I knew she was the right one. Not only because of her successful case studies but her eye for detail and her drive to make sure I would get success out of it, she made me feel that my success would be her success. Because of Lily's great Branding techniques and her network, in the space of 4 months I have seen an amazing transformation in all areas of my life, she helped me publish my book, she has got me on an international stage in Singapore through her other business "Speakers Are Leaders" and has really put me in the public eye faster than I expected. I have no doubt that I would continue using Lily's services and collaborate on various ventures and opportunities with her brand and companies. I recommend Lily for your Branding and Marketing needs without hesitation.

Speakers Are Leaders woke up the "beast"(=the power in me), and trained me not just how to speak on stage and how to deliver my story, but about the world of public speaking and how it works. They really highlighted how much power one's voice has and how "one voice can change the world". When you are on stage, you now have a crowd listening, to be able to deliver a story, a message or a product from that stage is a powerful position to be in and to learn from. Since I graduated from Speakers are Leaders, I have spoken in London, Singapore which crowned me international speaker, my business felt the confidence and the boost for us to do our own workshops, invited to speak in Ireland, going to speak in Mexico at the top Business University and invited to speak at a Health Centre in Leeds .... not to mention the "NO HESITATION "confidence to video social content daily and at will, oh and worth pointing out it has only been 8 months, with so much in the pipeline which I do not want to speak just yet. Speakers are Leaders will give you the training, the education you need to target the top event organisers in the world if that's what you want, so you understand how they work and what they look for and also speakers are Leaders are the stage. So at their events, you have the opportunity to speak on their stage and their events are not mediocre and just national, they are a global presence. With Power does come great responsibility, if you want to make a difference, you first got to understand how the game is played at the top.

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