About Lily

Lily Patrascu is an ultra-creative book publisher for luxury influencers, thought leaders, and CEOs. She is an influencer with 140k+ followers. As a personal branding strategist, author, and copywriter, she supports busy entrepreneurs. She is the founder of “Brand For Speakers” book publishing and the co-founder of “Speakers Are Leaders”.

Lily would like to empower you and 100 million people to be happier, believe in yourselves and go after what you want so you can share your stories in books that transform the world, online courses/workshops that transform the world on global stages and create wealth.

Lily Patrascu can help you by:

📌 Turning your story, message, knowledge, and experience into books, influencer websites, online courses, and coaching and workshops that transform the world. You’ll learn how to become a luxury influencer and global brand, make a worldwide difference, leave a legacy, and become a well-known international speaker.

📌 Teaching you to go from unknown to unforgettable within ninety days with her Brand For Speakers system, so you can enhance visibility and credibility. Position yourself as an expert, so you can attract the right clients to you.

📌 Assisting you to get anything you want through becoming a published author.

📌 Connecting you with investment opportunities, startups, investors, and joint venture partners from her inner circle

📌 Giving you the complete solution to start and grow your speaking business.

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