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IT Engineer Christian Moser Is Currently Turning His Organisation System
Into A Business With Multiple Ways Of Impacting The World - A Book, An App,
A Software As a Service, A Community, An Online Course, A Workshop
  • #2 Amazon Bestselling Author in 24 hrs in 6 Categories
  • Raised His Status From IT Engineer To A Global Business Around Systems From His Book
  • Raised £100k Leveraging His Speaking Business
  • Currently Working On Turning His Systems Into A Software As A Service, An App, A Community, An Online Course, A Workshop
  • Reached Over 1 Million People At Our Online Events
  • Spoke At 6 Events+
  • Invited To Speak In UK,UAE, Ireland, Singapore, Peru
  • Inspired Hundreds Of People In Person
  • Received Awards
  • Met More Than 10 Influencers
  • Spoke At Same Event As Influencers & High Profile - Entrepreneurs
  • Created A Clear & Consistent Personal Brand
  • Revamped His Image To A Luxury Look
  • Improved His Social Media Presence
  • Clarified His Signature Expert Message
  • Featured In Media
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Productivity Coach & IT Engineer
Christian Moser is the founder of the One Life, One List philosophy of life for simplifying your life and business. He is a business automation coach for creative entrepreneurs who want a freedom lifestyle business. He was awarded Freelancer Of the Year in 2011 by IT Freelancer Magazine. He can help you automate and systemise your business so you can double your productivity, save time and do more of what you love. Christian has empowered hundreds of businesses worldwide such as Bosch, Siemens, AXA, Provinzial, AIG, German Telekom, T-Mobile, Hugo Boss, Braun, to create efficient ways of working and enhance their productivity by creating user-friendly apps, software and managing IT projects for their companies.

Christian came to our training so he could overcome his fear of public speaking. Since then, he got clarity thanks to Lily on how his idea he had had for 35 years could crystallise into a book and then into a business that could potentially impact millions of people. He published his first book with the help of Brand For Speakers Programme, spoke more confidently at events we organised, started speaking daily on social media, spoke at the same event as the billionaire founder of Simit Sarayi bakery, was ranked #2 in bestsellers in amazon in the Time Management category, and is due to speak in Singapore at our event Entrepreneurs Are Leaders. He was invited to Istanbul to present his business for potential joint venture collaboration or investment thanks to speaking on stage. He gained various "keynote speaking marketing assets" - which are videos and photos of him speaking on stage at various events, and now he is able to create his own speaker trailer so he could be booked by event planners. Christian deeply cares about people in need, so he actively participates in and speaks at workshops at the local Chamber of Commerce on the topic of refugees. Christian is planning to become a spokesperson for HIV awareness and for integrating refugees into the workplace.

“I'm Christian Moser, experienced IT Engineer but raising a new business to a totally new level since I met Lily Patrascu and Harry Sardinas at the Speakers Are Leaders event in July. Before that event I thought I have a clue about the business but I had to realise that I had not. Lily opened my eyes and gave me access to an extraordinary opportunity of writing my own book and also introducing me to the mechanisms of nowadays social media marketing. Lily is not just awesome in creating a book with you from scratch in 60 days. She is also an expert in all the marketing aspects of targeting your market and creating the necessary funnels to reach your future clients. Participating in the Brand For Speakers Programme opened me up to a new realm of opportunities to create the system One Life, One List System and bringing a Freedom Lifestyle to millions of people in the world so that they can be much more effective and live their dreams. It took me years to think about the strategy. Lily managed that in a few weeks. ”

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