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Inspirational Motivational Speaker Jimmy Asuni Delivered Keynote Speeches
At Various Banks About Living With Disabilities
  • Turned His Book Into A Seminar, An Online Course, A Movie
  • Became Well - Known As A Motivational Speaker With Cerebral Palsy
  • At HSBC & Lloyds Banks In London
  • Elevated His Status From Bank Employee To International Motivational Speaker
  • Reinvented What He Believed Was Possible For Himself
  • Reached Over 1 Million People At Our Online Events
  • Leveraged The Book To Raise His Profile
  • Invited To Speak In 3 Countries
  • Inspired Hundreds Of People In Person
  • Received Multiple Awards
  • Met More Than 20 Influencers
  • Spoke At Same Event As Influencers & High - Profile Entrepreneurs
  • Featured on TV & Radio
  • Created A Clear & Consistent Personal Brand
  • Revamped His Image To A Luxury Look
  • Improved His Social Media Presence
  • Clarified His Signature Expert Message
  • Sponsored Various Charities
  • Created A Charity Foundation
  • Praised Worldwide For Speaking
  • Won Speaking Competitions
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Motivational Speaker
Jimmy Asuni is an international motivational speaker, banker and property owner, and has cerebral palsy. He got inspired to write his own book when he came to Speakers Are Leaders Programme. Through Speakers Are Leaders training and ongoing monthly training at Millionaire Speakers Network, Jimmy fine tuned his story-telling techniques and started overcoming the fear of speaking and speaking more confidently. Jimmy was bullied all his life for his condition. Through Brand For Speakers Programme, he was able to have his book written and published and to create a great branding message out of his story and he is now confidently sharing his story at work and at various motivational speaking opportunities at Lloyds and Halifax banks. Jimmy has gone from invisible at work to highly recognised by many senior executives at various banks, who have read Jimmy's book and continue to provide him with speaking opportunities. Jimmy's visibility, publicity and exposure has grown dramatically and he is currently well - known at many banks for his inspirational speeches. He has already sold many books in UK and Nigeria. His book was even bought in Singapore whilst Lily was speaking there.
“I am a motivational speaker, banker and author of the Book "Dare To Be Imperfect". Lily is one of the best at what she does, she is great at branding. I met Lily at her Speakers Are Leaders event she organised. She immediately spotted my ability of delivering a powerful speech, which I did not know I had in me. She immediately said she saw something special about me and said she would like to help me to gain incredible height in speaking.

She helped me organise my ideas and created a book out of my ideas, which she helped me create great branding for and she helped me publish my first book "Dare To Be Imperfect''. She is incredible at creating something out of nothing. I have great respect for what Lily does. I am grateful for the working relationship we have formed and looking for continuously collaborating successfully with Lily to monetise my knowledge. "

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