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Heart Attack Survivor Adaobi Onyekweli Turned Her Life Around
& Got Invited To Motivate Crowds Worldwide
  • #1 Amazon Bestselling Author in 24 hrs in 2 Categories
  • Raised Her Profile From Housewife & Recovering Heart Attack Survivor To Global Reinvention Coach
  • Inspired Over Ten Thousand People In Person
  • Spoke In Front Of Over 5000 Students & Millionaires In India
  • Reached Over 1 Million People At Our Online Events
  • Spoke At 20 Events+
  • Invited To Speak In UK, USA, India, UAE, Ireland, Singapore, Peru, Philippines, Bhutan
  • Received Multiple Awards
  • Met More Than 20 Influencers
  • Spoke At The Same Event As Influencers,
  • Featured on TV
  • Created A Clear & Consistent Personal Brand
  • Revamped Her Image To A Luxury Look
  • Improved Her Social Media Presence
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  • Praised Worldwide For Speaking
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Reinvention Coach
Adaobi was a housewife who had suffered 5 heart attacks in 4 days. She had a big dream of inspiring single mums and becoming a speaker but she was discouraged by friends. The Brand For Speakers Programme enabled her to become the author of "Reinvent Yourself", to get invited to speak at multiple events and to get awards. Most books don't make it to the bookstores but her book was featured in one of the largest bookstore chains in Ireland. As a result of getting the book published, she gained confidence, felt empowered and started seeing the beauty in her again. She is now a reinvention coach, helping people overcome difficult situations and she is building a business helping people reinvent themselves. The Speakers Are Leaders Programme enabled her to become a confident speaker and an international speaker. She was invited to speak at The International Leadership Summit In India thanks to the visibility, confidence and support gained during Speakers Are Leaders Programme. She was also invited to speak at various schools in front of over 200 students in India and at various conferences in London. She was featured in an Indian Newspaper and was given presents from millionaires for her inspirational keynote speaking in India.
“Hello, my name is Adaobi. I'm a mother of two beautiful children. One and a half years ago, I survived a heart attack and nearly had my life support switched off five times. A friend of mine called Nicky insisted Lily could help me but I was very sceptical. Thanks to Lily I was able to change my thoughts. I started to believe in myself again. And today I've been able to put my dreams of writing my story into a book called Reinvent Yourself. This book has changed my life because I was able to put all the things that happened to me in the hospital in the book and everyone has become very interested in the book because they could see how they can help themselves. This book will help you to heal If you have any dramatic life event. It will also help you to help your family. Harry and Lily are the best. ”

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