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Lead Generation Book Package




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Premium Keynote Hardcover Book Package



Ghostwriting Your Winner Book (worth £10k for each 10k words)

50 to 100 pages

5k to 10k words

100 to 150 pages

10k to 20k words

150 to 200 pages

20k to 30k words

200 to 250 pages

30k to 40k words

Winner Book Coaching Discovery Session x 3 hours

(Worth £9997)

yes yes Yes  Yes 

Winner Book Interview  x 3 hours

(Worth £9997)

yes yes yes yes
Choosing Your Winner Expert Topic
(Worth £4997)
yes yes yes yes

Choosing Your Winner Title & Subtitle 

(Worth £4997)

yes yes yes yes

Creating Your Branding Concept For You. Coaching  on your Branding Colours & Branding Props for Your Book Cover

(Worth £4997) 

yes yes yes yes
Designing Your Unique Branded Systems   yes yes yes yes

Customised Branding Coaching For Your Photoshoot

(Worth £4997)

yes yes yes yes

Personalised Coaching During Your Winner Professional Photoshoot*

(Worth £4997)

yes yes yes yes

Designing Two Winner Book Cover Options

(Worth £2997)

yes yes yes yes
Designing Winner Roll Up Banner  yes yes yes yes

Designing Winner Business Card 

(Worth £497)

yes yes yes yes

Creating Your Ebook

(Worth £497)

yes yes yes yes

Publishing Your  Winner eBook in Amazon

(Worth £997)

yes yes yes yes

Publishing Your Winner Book In Paperback in Amazon

(Worth £997)

yes yes yes yes

Copywriting for Marketing Lead Generation Written For You Throughout The Book*

(Worth £4997)

yes yes yes yes

Creating Your Quotes

(Worth £497)

yes yes yes yes

Inserting 20 Images from our stock photography service*

(Worth £497)

yes yes yes yes
Your Book Cover Travels with me Around the World In My Presentations* (priceless) yes yes yes yes
Worldwide Branding Speaking Opportunities* (priceless) yes yes yes yes

Book Promotion At My Events*


Yes Yes yes yes

Create Your Branding Message Online Course 

(Worth £497)

yes yes yes yes

How To Choose Your Perfect Topic, Title & Chapters – Online Course

(Worth £497)

yes yes yes yes

Designing Your Book Layout & Formatting 

(Worth £497)

yes yes yes yes
Featured on  yes Yes  Yes  yes
Binding  paperback paperback paperback hardcover

Video Branding Basics Online Course

(Worth £1997)

yes yes yes yes
60 Day Video Challenge Course To Attract Clients On Social Media  yes yes yes yes

Personal Branding & Image Mastery Online Course

(Worth £1997)

yes yes yes yes
Ongoing Coaching & Support Until Your Book Gets Published* yes yes yes yes
Access To Me By Whatsapp Messaging/Email* yes yes yes yes
I Answer All Your Questions Until Your Book Gets Published yes yes yes yes

How To Get Brilliant Testimonials From Your Clients Online Course

(Worth £1997)

yes yes yes yes

Testimonial Template Worksheet

(Worth £197)

yes yes yes yes
3 Book Reviews From Entrepreneurs (priceless) yes yes yes yes
Keep 100% of the revenues you personally create* yes yes yes yes
Copywriting  & Designing Author Marketing Kit (Worth £4997) x yes yes yes
Social Media Branding Covers Done For You* (Worth £1997) x yes yes yes
Social Media Setup Done For You* (Worth £1997) x yes yes yes
Writing Your Linkedin Profile (Worth £1997) x yes yes yes

How To Find Clients On Linkedin Online Course

(Worth £1997)

x yes yes yes

Turn Your Book Into An Online Course

(Worth £1997)

x yes yes yes
Book Trailer Video (worth £1997) x x yes yes

Author/Speaker Website

(Worth £9997)

x x yes yes

Monetise Your Influence Online Course

(Worth £1997)

x x x yes
Peak Performance Sales Course (Worth £1997) x x x yes

Book Funnel Done For You*

(worth £9997)

x x x yes

Publishing Your Winner Book In Hardcover – to be shipped to your house.

(worth £1000)

x x x yes
TOTAL VALUE £74628 £99610 £121604 £146601

£9997+ editor+


£19997+ editor+


£29997+ editor+ photographer £39997+ editor+ photographer
Tick The Programme selected: 


*Ghostwriting Your Winner Book= This involves writing a book that sells you as a consultant, coach,speaker, or sells your consultancy service or whatever objective you aim to have. It aims to bring potential clients to your business by using the book as a lead generation tool.It aims to bring keynote speech engagements or whatever other objectives you have in mind.

 *Winner Book Coaching Discovery Session  (3 hours) = Coaching on creating your own unique branded system that can become your unique selling point and an asset for your business, as well as something that will make you stand out.This system you create will become the focal point on which this book will be written and the basis for your future workshops, online courses and other streams of income.

 * Choosing Your Winner Topic = Our unique selling point is choosing the right topic with you out of the expertise you have that is in demand, part of your expertise, for the right audience, that people are willing to pay for, that can be turned into a business model. Some clients know exactly what they want; others hesitate between choosing different topics/expertise they have. The wrong topic will set you back thousands in years, time, money, prestige lost marketing it. 

 This also includes choosing the right angle. Our expertise includes choosing a winner topic that is going to work not only for a book, but as a business model so you can turn your book into multiple streams of income, into a workshop or online course. If you already got a book that isn’t helping you sell consultancy/workshops/whatever product you want to sell, we can advise you which topic you should write so you can sell.The right winner title can enable you to create a successful business around it. The wrong one or an okay one without considering who can afford to pay for not only your book but mostly your consultation services or workshops will waste time, effort and years of your life plus money. The key thing is understanding how you can monetise your knowledge by repurposing the content.


* How To Choose Your Perfect Topic, Title & Chapters – Online Course = this course will help you choose the right topic for your book, the right title and the right chapters so you can differentiate yourself and leverage the book the most.

 * Creating Your Branding Concept For You. Coaching You On Your Branding Colours & Branding Props For Your Book Cover. This includes coaching on: 

  • What branding elements you should include on cover
  • When u have your pictures taken for your speaker business, book cover, speaker website, you need a certain posture or facial expression
  • Which branding image and branding message you should choose for your cover
  • Which look you should have for your cover
  • Which look u should have for your banner
  • Which look you should have for your business card.


* Customised Branding Coaching For Your Winner Professional Photoshoot regarding what to wear for your photoshoot, for the speaker profile, for the speaker website,  the way to dress/colours to wear, background to have when you speak, how you should pose, etc 

 * Personalised Branding Coaching During Your Winner Professional Photoshoot* = If you live in London, I will come with you to your professional photoshoot and coach you so that you get the right photos related to enhancing your personal brand and related to your topic. I will also direct the photographer so that he takes the photos I am looking for so that they look great for your book. 

 If you are not in London,I can give you some directions so that the photographer takes the right photos for your book cover, banner, business card, speaker website, speaker profile, that you can use for the next 10/20 years for your speaking gigs/speaker profile – the value includes Lily’s personal time for one hour. The USP here is knowing how to take the winner photos you can repurpose for your speaker website, speaker profile & media kit, book cover/banner/business card. This does not include the cost of the actual photographer – only Lily’s time.

 *Designing Your Unique Branded Systems = I create your system(s) based on your ideas or you give me your system ideas and I turn it into your own graphic system.

 *Two Winner Book Covers Designed =  (we usually design many cover versions with small or large differences between them and then we choose the best two – you get to participate in the creative process). The book cover sizes need to be modified several times to fit the number of final pages. We will do the book’s front cover, back cover, and the 3d version.

 *Copywriting for Marketing Lead Generation Written For You Throughout The Book* = A lot of books are written without proper lead generation strategies, which means the author is missing out on getting potential clients, on getting booked for seminars, or for keynote speeches, or on doing the various things that are important to bring leads to their business. Also it is important to understand what the marketing strategies could be before you have this copywriting done. The good news is that I understand how to leverage copywriting in order to sell your upcoming products in the book and also I can give you various ideas on the possibilities for marketing yourself by repurposing the content from the book into multiple streams of income. 


*Inserting 20 Images from our stock photography service* = We will suggest 20 images to include in your book. If you would like particular images from another stock photography service, please supply them to us at your cost and we will use them if they are in high resolution.

 *Worldwide Branding Speaking Opportunities*= Become a testimonial for my book service and get 1 minute speaking stage time at one of our events. Based on availability, this could be possible on an ongoing basis. The more you implement and work on getting results, the more you are likely to get opportunities, but what I am promising is one opportunity for you to speak on stage for one minute about your book and the experience of working with me. This won’t be possible if you ask me to create branding that doesn’t make sense.

 *Your Book Cover Travels with me Around the World In My Presentations = This means I will take your book image worldwide and include it in my presentations as a sample of what is possible to create with a book. This won’t be possible if you ask me to create branding for the book which doesn’t make sense.

 You can keep 100% of the revenues you create yourself based on the book or the products around the book for all the opportunities you personally create for yourself. This does not include revenues you create at my events or with referrals from me.

 *Book Promotion At My Events = You may be able to sell your books at booths offered at my events and we split 50/50 the profit for the books sold or the consultations/events/workshops/online courses/keynote speaking engagements or other products or services you sell at my events or upsell after the event. This book promotion at my events is based on when you are deemed ready, on event availability and suitability. 

 Outside of my events, you can sell your books, consultations etc anywhere else and you would not need to give me anything, unless I personally introduced you to someone who is buying your consultations, books, in which case you would need to give me 30% of profit for the revenue generated through my referrals. 

 In the event you get any revenue streams which lead to selling any of your products or services (at or after any of the below opportunities occurred)thanks to me or my partner Harry Sardinas such as : speaking opportunities at other events,  book promotion events, book launches, keynote speaking opportunities, TV show appearances, radio appearances, introductions to other people who pay you money for your products, consultations, online courses, or your book being placed in the bookstores, you need to transfer me 30% of the profit for the revenue created as a result of me finding you those opportunities.You are not obliged to accept the opportunities and referrals I give you.

 *Create Your Branding Message Online Course = This is a course which will enable you to create a consistent branding message you want to be known for your social media. This will be very useful if you are considering becoming a keynote speaker.

 * Video Branding Basics Online Course – This includes: 

  • Mastering Video Basics 
  • How To Record Video For Maximum Impact On Social Media. 
  • What Kind Of Lights You Will Need
  • How To Leverage Your Personal Brand In The Video
  • How To Choose The Right Background To Enhance Your Personal Brand
  • How To Create Congruent Branding On All Social Media
  • Which Colours You Should Wear On Social Media
  • How To Avoid Putting Clients Off On Social Media
  • Personal Life Behaviour On Social Media 
  • How To Take Quality Photos For Social media, 
  • How To Create Your Overall Image On Social Media
  • How To Create Impact And Differentiation With Your Branding
  • How To Create Engagement
  • What Elements You Should Have In Your Video 
  • What’s Your Objective
  • Call To Action

 *60 Day Video Challenge Course To Attract Clients On Social Media:

  • How To Do The Video Challenge 
  • Elements To Include 
  • How To Create A Hook To Engage Your Viewers
  • What To Say In The Video
  • How To Create Engagement, Gain Exposure, Raise Awareness For Your Brand 

 *Personal Branding & Image Mastery Online Course = This is a course on enhancing your personal brand so you can be ready for the book photoshoot and so you can have a consistent personal brand and image in social media and whilst doing interviews, radio or TV appearances.


*Ongoing Coaching & Support Until Your Book Gets Published*=During the book publishing process you may find a lot of opportunities for promoting your book and you will need coaching for various things such as coaching on what to say for various interviews regarding the book, or coaching for appearing on someone else’s podcast or coaching on other opportunities that may appear.

 *Access To Me By Whatsapp Messaging/Email*= Here is my email and whatsapp number so you can easily reach me by messaging or email only: +447557351222 for whatsapp. for sharing anything in google drive. for sharing general emails. Please share all documents with open access so my team can access them freely without needing permission.

 *I Answer All Your Questions Until Your Book Gets Published= You can contact me at anytime during the day or night regarding your book or programme and I will reply to all your questions, typically once a day, by whatsapp message or email. I don’t typically take calls. If you would like a one hour coaching call with me you can book it separately at £1250/hour.

 *How To Get Brilliant Testimonials From Your Clients = This is a course showing you how to get testimonials from your clients.

 *Testimonial Template Worksheet = This is a template which you can use to train your clients regarding which format they should give you their testimonial. 

 *3 Book Reviews From Entrepreneurs = My team will find some entrepreneurs to review your book so you can place those reviews on the back cover. 

 *Copywriting  & Designing Author Marketing Kit = This is typically a marketing explanation of your book which is designed for the media to understand the summary of the book, what the book can help readers with and your contact details. 

 *Social Media Branding Covers Done For You*= We will write the lead generation tagline to be included in the social media covers and design 4 social media branding covers for your social media.

 *Social Media Setup Done For You*= My team will set up your facebook business page, your facebook business group page, your linkedin personal page, your instagram page. This does not include management of the page.This includes writing your short profile – up to 10 branding words for each of your 4 social media channels in total. 

 *Writing Your Linkedin Profile  = this involves:

  • Interviewing you to find out the most relevant expertise, knowledge, experience, reviews, awards, other credibility you have or you want to be known for. 
  • Finding out your ideal client you would like to target on linkedin
  • Advice on ways to enhance your personal brand and gain more credibility on linkedin
  • Advice on ways to leverage on your existing credibility, reviews and experience
  • Copywriting your branding titles 
  • Copywriting your ‘About you’ section
  • Copywriting your ‘Experience’ section
  • Giving you the strategy to get more testimonials from clients you have served in linkedin
  • Giving you the template testimonial text you can send to leverage coaching you did
  • Copywriting your “Accomplishments” section – where you can include Awards, Podcasts, Books,Publications,Organisations or any other credibility elements
  • Copywriting your ‘Education’ section
  • Copywriting & selecting the right keywords for your ‘Skills & Endorsements’ section

 *How To Find Clients On Linkedin Online Course = This involves:

  • Finding out your ideal client you would like to target on Linkedin
  • Template text to send to potential clients through messaging
  • Which kind of video to create to sell your offering on a daily basis 
  • The script for what to say in the video in order to attract new clients

 *Turn Your Book Into An Online Course = this involves:

Online course requirements:

  1. How to choose the topic:
  2. How to validate if there is a market for it:
  3. How to title the course
  4. How to choose the subtopics
  5. How to create exciting subtopics 
  6. Everything you need to record the subtopics 
  7. How to create the videos
  8. Where to upload the videos 
  9. Which platform will you use for keeping the videos
  10. How to choose the right pricing
  11. How to do the copywriting for each course 
  12. How to create a recurring membership

 *Book Trailer Video = this book trailer is about 1 or 2 minutes and will promote the benefits of the book. This can be used to create engagement and interest in social media ad involves:

  • Copywriting an engaging script for the video in line with your personal brand.
  • Designing images to be included in the video
  • Creating the video
  • Adding your logo to the video 
  • Adding the transcribed subtitles to the video

 *Author/Speaker Website:

Here is what I can help you with:

  • Marketing strategy plan for bringing clients to your website
  • Personal branding colours 
  • Personal branding message 
  • Personal branding story 
  • Know the main objective of what you are trying to sell on the website
  • Coaching on how to get endorsed by your clients & celebrities
  • Logo congruent with the name and concept of the brand 
  • Sleek design and an overall LUXURY feel for the website
  • Coaching on how to take great quality branding photos taken in the right way, whilst you are wearing the right clothes, with celebrities
  • Knowing what to say in your 2 or 3 minutes video so you sell your services and people buy your high end product simply by watching that video or book you to speak 
  • Understanding the core product you offer and the key benefits you offer
  • Correct description for each celebrity in order to enhance your personal brand
  • A sales letter description of each product you got if you intend to sell it. Ideally each product needs its own salesletter website with its own domain but otherwise you can put the salesletter on the main website as a subtab.
  • Understanding of what the product you are trying to sell, its main benefits, the main issues people have and why this product would be a great purchase
  • A link for the book in amazon if the book is ready
  • A link for the book to be preordered if the book isn’t ready 
  • A sales letter description for each programme – its main benefits, the main issues people have and why this programme would be a great purchase, the key brand story throughout)
  • Event banners – you speaking at upcoming events 
  • Event banners – you speaking at previous events
  • Podcast linked to your website
  • GDPR notice 
  • Terms and conditions
  • Privacy policy


Prerequisites for author/speaker website to sell a high end program:

 Here is what you will need to provide at your own cost:

  • Domain – congruent with the name of author.
  • Hosting – something that permits wordpress themes
  • Aweber or Mailchimp or similar CRM tool to integrate so you can have the details of people contacting you
  • Professional photos of speaker in a studio with his/her personal brand
  • Professional photos of speaker on stage close up + from the back of the room and from the front of the room, and with a large audience
  • Professional video of the speaker on stage close up + from the back of the room and from the front of the room, and with a large audience
  • Photos on stage with celebrities
  • Endorsements from celebrities
  • Endorsements from people who used your product
  • Video of you speaking for 2 or 3 minutes 
  • Photos or videos of your TV appearances, podcast appearances or radio appearances or featuring on cover of magazines or any other press or media appearance
  • Speaking trailer (2 minute movie of you speaking on stage and sharing your brand story, your mission, your credibility, your achievements)
  • Podcast link
  • Success stories from clients you have –
  • whatsapp screenshots,
  •  facebook screenshots, 
  • linkedin screenshots, 
  • any other reviews in google or social media
  • Reviews of you or your business or your book on independent websites 
  1. Daily maintenance to your website
  2. Security backup 
  3. Website Security SSL 

 *Monetise Your Influence Course = This is a course on how to turn one book into several sources of income.It maps out several marketing strategies for promoting your book.

 *Peak Performance Sales Course= This is a course on increasing direct sales closing. This will be useful to use with coaching clients.

 *Book Funnel Done For You* = This means I will write a salesletter landing page where people will be able to either purchase the book or for the book to be given away for free + shipping cost. This will be followed by a salesletter upsell page where you can offer an online course or a workshop related to the same book you offered initially.

 Agreement for the book writing service for you:

 You agree to transfer the amount above selected  – which will be payable upfront for book writing to be started as soon as you are ready to have your first session.

The book is likely to be delivered in your hand in 60 days or more from your first discovery session based on you giving me all information required in time, and you being available soon after that for the photoshoot and all the money for the entire programme being paid in full. The book may be delayed if the payments are delayed. Please read carefully every point.

You will own the rights to use the content of the book as you wish, as if you had written everything yourself, and you will have the rights to use all the images we create for this book, including the graphics for the system we create for this book based on your information.

The editor and photographer aren’t included. See notes below.

 Here are some benefits:

1) First work out the main idea for your book which normally does take maybe 3 hours of one to one time with you on skype or in person. normally 3 more hours needed for skeleton/outline for book.

2) We work out title which can take 20 hours of our time

3) We come up with a branding concept/ your branding colours/ main concept and idea in the same initial 3 hours session – this may take more of our time – could be 20 hours. 

4) You come for photoshoot which should be enough for the next 20 years of your author/speaker career. You can use my photographer or you can use yours but I recommend coming with you to guide him. If you live abroad you can use your own photographer and we can give you some guidelines.Please save your photos after receiving them from the photographer.

 5) I select the book cover photograph and send it over for your approval – That takes me about 12 hours. 

5.1 I create the book cover branding concept – that takes me about 20 to 50 hours.

5.2 We design book cover. That takes me about 50 hours. Only 2 versions will be provided for approval.

6)  From this moment you can already be ready to do webinars, seminars, radio interviews, based on your topic even if you got no word written.

10) I meet you or online you can pass me your main idea for your book, any content you already got and we together can create your skeleton/outline for your book in 3 hours.I type for you as you speak or you can bring a typed up main ideas/outline for what you would like in book.It’s also possible to do this in the same 3 hours initial session.

10.1 You create your system and you send it to me. 

10.2 I create some graphics for your system to make it look fantastic

10.3 Send me some quotes to include in the book that are key learning points people should do to become the result you want them to achieve. Alternatively I can create them for you.

10.4 we format the quotes 

10.5 send me any pictures you would like included in the book – they should be high quality pictures otherwise the book will be pixelated.

10.6 we can design an advert for your business to include at the end of the book – where we can include some sort of call to action so that the book becomes a lead magnet for people to contact you on your website. Here you would need to give us your website address with an optin page where people could get perhaps a ticket to your event, a freebie, something that would enable you to create a list of interested people in your products.If you don’t have one specifically for this business, we can do a website for you – not included in this offer.You can speak to me about it perhaps once the book is almost ready? 

11) I write your book

12) I need your author description. I will rewrite the author description if you want to make it more exciting.

13) I will write a book blurb/short description for amazon or back of the book.

14) I need from you the acknowledgments if you want to include that in the book.

15) You must include me in the acknowledgements – and mention I have helped you put this book together.

16) you must give me a written and video testimonial once I have done your book cover and again at the end of doing the book.You agree to give a testimonial and give credit to us – Lily Patrascu and Harry Sardinas for the work that we have done with the books – for the book covers, the branding concept, book writing coaching, and publishing setup as well as give credit to us for getting any opportunities as a result of it 

17) My partner Harry Sardinas can write a foreword for your book endorsing you.

18) I need 3 testimonials from 3 reputable people to include in back cover. I can find these for you.

18.1 We work on formatting the book to make it look phenomenal – making it visually enticing, with learning points, key things to remember, icons for stories, including various pictures

19) I send it for your approval. Only minor revisions shall be done if required. You have however access to the document at all times so you are able to make changes in the text as you wish.

20) Only the number of words mentioned in the offer is included in this offer. Any extra pages will be paid on a prorata basis. Any extra pages will be paid on a rate of 5000 words for 5000 pounds.

20.1) You are responsible to give me most of the information for this book. I will interview you and I will write and develop your ideas, but you need to give me most of the ideas in the book. This book programme does not include research for writing the book. It is mainly your ideas. 

21) I send it to my editor or you send it to your editor. When you are ready to have the book published, you can send me the approved file. You are responsible for giving me the correct approved version of the book.

22) You pay the editor directly. Normally she charges me approx 100 to 350 pounds per book which includes editing, spell check, grammar check and also formatting for print, formatting images and formatting for amazon. 

22.1) Once the book has been edited, we will publish it as it is. If you keep adding content multiple times after the book has been edited, you will need to get the book edited again or have the book printed as it is.

23) I print one soft copy of your book at your cost and give you logins for reprints for you to order at your own cost. I normally pay 2 pounds per black and white copy – just as an example – plus delivery.

24) I publish it in amazon for you in all countries at the price you would like.Amazon keeps 30% if price is below 2.99 usd and 70% if price is above that – at the time of writing this.

24.1) The book will appear as “self – published” by you and printed by amazon. I will not be involved in printing it, delivering it, ordering it – except for the initial publishing setup with the initial price you would like. 

24.2) some “become a bestseller” strategies involve reducing the price temporarily in order to launch the book sales. This programme does not include changes of price on amazon, launching your book, etc. This programme involves the creation of a great book mainly. See the details for all that is offered above. Other separate programmes we have involve the monetisation of the book. You are able to change the price of your book yourself with the logins provided. 

25) If you want a hard copy of your book – I can create one copy for you with your payment details, based on you paying for the ISBN and also for all the copies of hard cover books. No hard cover book will be offered under this offer. There will be an extra charge of 1000 pounds for doing the hard cover copy. Any other copies will be ordered by you directly with logins provided.

25.1 If you want me to keep reordering books for you I can do it but it will cost 100 pounds for every reordering. You are otherwise responsible for all reorders of books using the account we will set up for you. For any issues with reordering, delivery of the books, logging into amazon,  you are responsible for calling amazon and sorting it out with them.

26) No refunds will be given once the work has started on any of your artwork.

27) In the event you do not like the book covers,artwork or book no refunds will be given.

28) It is your responsibility for the photoshoot, to wear suitable clothes in line with the branding advice given. No refunds will be given for not liking your personal photos or for not liking the designs.

29) I will be able to use your book cover and any art work I produce for marketing my services, and if you change your branding afterwards, I will still be able to use the artwork I produced for you even if your branding changed afterwards in order to show samples of what I can produce.

30) The publishing of your book on amazon will be done one time only in black and white after you have approved the book for publishing.The publishing of your book in print will be done one time only in black and white, after you approved the book to be printed. If you would like modifications to be done after having the book approved by you, alternative designers hired by you will be required as I am not able to do further maintenance and changes with regards to your branding, your book or your personal branding unless we mutually agree further payment for the extra work involved.

30.1) Once you have approved the book to be printed, and you discover things you would like to change or errors in the printing after the book was approved by you, then we charge £500 for publishing the book again as it needs to be reformatted again. 

31) I will add a list of ”recommended books by Brand For Speakers” on the last pages of your book.

32) I will add an advert for ‘Want To Be An Author? – Brand For Speakers – on the last pages of your book.

32) Considerably less opportunities will be offered to you by me in the event you don’t follow the branding advice given or you ask me to create a book cover based on branding concepts that don’t make sense. 

33) This programme does not include any book promotion, recurring changes of price in amazon, except for the above mentioned. 



34) I can include several lead generation calls to action inside the book so people are directed to purchase your online courses or download something online, so you can increase your database of potential clients. 

35) 36) Do not disclose, share, misuse or sell any contacts we may give you to a third party, such as the list of journalists we have given you or will give you to contact for your book promotion, the contact people for the book stores your book may be featured in or the contact of the photographers, designers etc we use, or any personal contact that we provide you. We are not obliged to provide this list to you however.

37) I am not obliged to find opportunities for you to promote you or your book. These opportunities are going to be available at my own discretion. 

38) “you” means the client. “We” or “I” refers to Purple Stone Academy, Purple Stone Rooms, Harry Sardinas, Lily Patrascu, Brand For Speakers, Entrepreneurs Are Leaders or Speakers Are Leaders – or any company or programme founded by Lily Patrascu or Harry Sardinas – also known as Lacramioara Patrascu and Herades Sardinas Cid. 

 Earnings and Legal Disclaimers: 

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 CUSTOMER SUPPORT: All questions for this product are handled via whatsapp messaging and email to aside from the sessions described for the duration of the program. We do not provide telephone support.

GUARANTEE: Purple stone academy covers all purchases with a 14 day money back guarantee. If you decide this offer is not right for you, you must contact us at prior to 14 days from the day where this order was purchased. You understand and agree that Purple Stone Academy is NOT responsible for any refunds after 14 days.All refunds will be processed for the exact amount in pounds charged at time of purchase. Lily and Purple Stone Academy are not responsible for any exchange rate changes that may occur between the time of purchase and the time of refund, or any other exchange or conversions charges incurred by the purchaser.

USAGE: It is the member’s responsibility to use the sessions described in this program. Non usage or inability to attend do not constitute grounds for cancellation or refund.If a member is not able to start the program for whatever reason, the member understands that they are forfeiting the right to a refund. 

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