Wasting Time, Procrastinating or Struggling To Write Your Book?

Then you realise that if you’re to do it all by yourself, your book is never going to get written.

Get Your Book Done For You In As Little As 60 Days

  • Create a legacy
  • Motivate and inspire people
  • Monetize your knowledge
  • Share your message with the world
  • Create, Launch and Sell Your own online course based around the book
  • Create your own program or workshop
  • Create multiple streams of income
  • Become an authority, be seen as an expert
  • Generate leads for your business
  • Get introduced to people you currently have no access to
  • Become a keynote or motivational speaker
  • Grow your business,



  • It’s going to get done
  • It’s gonna be fast
  • It’s gonna take less time (30 days)

You don’t need to waste time in researching and learning how to write a book.

  • Earn even before publishing
  • Differentiate From The Rest And Create A Business Model Around the Book, even if you aren’t creative
  • Promote Your New or Existing Business or attract better opportunities


Get It Done, Hassle-Free

How it Works?

Discovery session 


You come for a Discovery session. I advise you on how to enhance your image, and on creating a brand consistent with your new book. I interview you and get your ideas written as you speak. I get the structure of your book created based on your ideas during the interview. We enhance your image so that you look your best

Photoshoot & Cover Design

You come to photoshoot. We create a winning visual identity for you – a winning book cover, banner and business card for you around your book

I write Your Book

I will write the book in your voice, with your ideas, with your opinions, with your message so that when people read it, they feel it is you who wrote it. I can take the hassle away from you and help you every step of the way

I’ll Get it  Publish

I get it published in Amazon, and in print as well. You get your first copy within 30 days. Re – order as many or as few copies at a low cost.

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