“Congratulations for your work”

Billionaire Haluk Okutur, Founder of “Simit Sarayi” Bakery Chain

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“Congratulations for your work”

Billionaire Haluk Okutur, Founder of “Simit Sarayi” Bakery Chain

“If you want to improve your sales and marketing skills, communicate more efficiently and effectively, offer better financial criteria for your projects, and make more deals, you should look for Lily, as her passion and effort for her work behind of each words and her way of caring for people is remarkable.”

Multimillionaire Yavuz Altun,
Founder Of “Happy Center” Supermarket Chain


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Lily Patrascu

Lily Patrascu With Influencers

Lily With Les Brown, World’s #1 Motivational Speaker

Lily With Tony Robbins, World’s #1
Business & Life Strategist

Lily With JT Foxx – World’s #1 Wealth Coach

Lily With Marie Diamond, Feng Shui Expert Featured in
“The Secret” – Movie With 500 Million+ Views

Lily with John Gray, Best-Selling Author of “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus” (50 Million Books Sold)

Lily with Dr Demartini – Human Behaviour Specialist
Featured in “The Secret” Movie

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Lily Patrascu was featured in the movie ‘Fear The Invisible Man’

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