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Creative International Interior Designer

She is a very talented woman with a high empathy. Loved meeting her @Wintrade ”

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Cabin Crew

I met Lily at different workshops and events and I can’t recommend highly enough the seminar Speakers Are Leaders created by her and Harry Sardinas. The whole event covered a lot of important information about how to deliver a speech in public without any fear and the way it’s done is easy to absorb. The structure and tools were clear, logical and effective. Lily has obviously put a lot of thought and expertise into designing the Speakers Are Leaders training. But it wasn’t just about the knowledge she delivered. The main benefits came from doing assignments, receiving individual feedback and interacting with Lily, Harry and other participants. The format of the training gave me the confidence to implement new techniques not only at work but also in my personal life. I saw Lily present from stage in front of hundreds of people and I admire her personal journey she went through to be able to speak with confidence and enthusiasm.

I find Lily to be a great teacher full of creativity, professionalism and positivity. I follow Lily and see how many people she has helped with writing their own books, marketing and branding. She is extremely passionate about what she does and loves to help people to transform their lives and businesses. ”

Founder of Bassuah Legacy Foundation:
Supporting Single Parent and their Children CEO of Life Choice International.
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I was very impressed with the conversation that went on between myself and Lily. She is passionate about her work and that has brought me much inspiration and knowledge on how to move forward with my plan and achieve my short term goals. She is a very knowledgeable lady and it goes without saying that clearly she knows what she is doing.

Dr Christina Konadu. ”

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Psychiatrist, Creator, Investor, Philanthropist

I’m Ivan Zammit. I worked as a doctor for the last 11 years, including as a consultant psychiatrist. I now work in pro-social businesses and am very successful in many areas of my life. The reason I’m logging onto LinkedIn (even though I don’t often do!) is because I want to recommend Lily!

I’ve met Lily in various settings, most notably being in a seminar called Speakers Are Leaders which she runs together with Harry Sardinas. Highly remarkable training, which brings the “fear” of public speaking into insignificance, and which has helped people transform from “paralysis” to public speakers around the world. Immensely transformative.

I’ve also read Lily’s book about Sales and have learned a lot!

I’ve subsequently spent time with Lily and Harry in a mastermind group and I’ve followed how Lily has helped people bring their powerful message out to the world by supporting people write their books. Get to know Lily, she will be able to help and coach you in many ways. She is also a wonderful, talented and very kind person with a beautiful story of ambition and achievement that you will want to learn about! ”

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Transformational Coach
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Business Flow Consultant
Nick Ronald Raised His Profile From Copywriter To Social Media Influencer

#5 Amazon Bestselling Author in 24 hrs

Spoke At 20 Events+

Created A Growing Facebook Group

Created A Growing Youtube Channel

Invited To Speak In UK, Ireland, Singapore, Peru

Inspired Hundreds Of People In Person

Reached Over 1 Million People At Our Online Events

Received Awards

Met More Than 20 Influencers

Spoke At Same Event With Influencers

Featured In Online Articles

Became President Of Toastmasters

Created A Clear, Consistent & Unique Personal & Business Brand

Interviewed Over 50 Influencers For His Secret Influence TV YouTube Channel

Award Winning Short Film Producer And Director

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Copywriter & Social Media Influencer

I have worked with Lily for many years. She used her branding expertise to help me develop my own brand, to ensure consistency across all my channels and programs. One of Lily's services includes book publishing and she has a programme, where she will support you to write your own book from idea to publishing. I used it to write my own book and I recommend her programme for anyone wanting to share their knowledge or position themselves as an authority by becoming an author. To be successful in business, we need to have a unique brand and be able to market our product or service effectively by influencing our audience to engage and sign-up to whatever we offer. This is exactly what Lily has helped so many entrepreneurs do. Her commitment to her clients is seen through her many communities that she runs to support her members to take their skills to the next level. ”

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Film Producer, Cancer Survivor & Motivational Speaker
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Leadership Coach & Network Marketing Leader
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Multi millionaire Property Investor & Politician
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